Supply Lists 2016-17

1 pkg washable markers
1 box Crayons
1 pencil box
2 bottles of glue (not sticks)
2 boxes Kleenex
2 rolls of paper towels
1 1-Inch 3 ring binder
2 pkg of baby wipes (no shea butter)
1 folder with brads (plastic not the paper ones)
2 Clorox or Lysol wipes
1 ream of copy paper
1 Package of paper plates (not heavy duty)
change of clothes in a Ziploc bag with name on bag
Lunch box
One red/ navy blue sweatshirt (to be left at school)
a blanket for nap- no bigger than beach towel

Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten
twistable crayons
package of dry erase markers
2 plastic supply boxes
glue sticks
1 bottle of glue
1 plastic pocket folder with brads
1 container disinfectant wipes
1 box of Kleenex
1 spiral notebook
blanket and small pillow for rest time
bath towel

Miss Otero’s 1st Grade
2 pencil boxes
1 pair of scissors
1 ruler
2-70 page spiral notebooks
1 package 24 crayons
1 package colored pencils
1 package of 8-10 markers
2 small packages of no. 2 pencils
2 erasers
10 glue sticks
1 bottle of Elmer’s glue
1 set of watercolors
1 package of construction paper
4 brad folders (brads with inside pockets)
1 folder (pockets with no brads)
1 1-inch binder
1 bottle of hand sanitizer (boys)
1 bottle of hand lotion (girls)
chapstick to keep in their desk
3 boxes of tissue
2 containers of disinfectant wipes
insulated lunch box
1 reusable water bottle to be kept in classroom-labeled-will be taken home to be washed every few days
red or blue light sweater or jacket to keep at school to be worn inside when needed

As more supplies are needed, items will be kindly asked for in the monthly newsletters.

Mrs. Anderson's 2nd Grade
TWO – large spiral notebooks
3 boxes of tissue
Supply Box - the plastic kind; Please, no zippered bags
1 small package #2 pencils

Teacher will supply:
Crayons, glue, ruler, Colored Pencils

Mrs. Shirey's 3rd & 4th Grades
2 containers clorox wipes
3 boxes kleenex
2 tubes of lip balm, chapstick, etc
5 mechanical pencils with corresponding lead
1 big fat eraser
2 packs loose leaf notebook paper
7 spiral notebooks - regular ruling
1 three ring binder with six folders inside
1 box of crayons - 24 count
6 glue sticks
1 bottle of all purpose glue
3 rolls of clear tape
1 pair of scissors - sized for your child's hands
1 fun school box - to stash your stuff 🙂
1 backpack big enough to hold a large binder, lunchbox and supplies (Label)
1 insulated lunch box (Label)
1 lightweight red or navy blue sweater or jacket to be kept at school (Label)
Students will be allowed to keep One refillable sealed water bottle to keep in the classroom, at their desk. Please label with name.

Mrs. Neal’s 5th & 6th Grade
2 packages of wide ruled notebook paper
3 packages of graph paper
1 package of page protectors
1 large three ring binder
1 small 3 ring binder for Latin
3 spiral notebooks
3 boxes of Kleenex
1 pair scissors
2 large or 3 small containers of disinfecting wipes

My class is a community classroom. We share our supplies. If you want to buy special items for your child please, buy them separately, but still buy what is on the list as your child will use the community supplies.

7th-8th Grade
Facial Tissue – 4 large boxes
Disinfectant Wipes – 2 tubs
Washable Markers – 1 10- or 12-count package
Pens – blue, black and red
Highlighters – 1 package with several colors
Large 3-Ring Binder
College Rule Paper – 3 packages
Spiral Notebooks – 4 (college ruled)
Graph Paper – 3 packages
Page Protectors – 1 package

 High School Supplies
3 Ring binder
College ruled paper
7 Dividers for binder
Red and either blue or black pens
A package of grid/ graph paper (for math)
Glue stick
Colored Pencils