Summer Reading Challenge

CCA 2023 Summer Reading Challenge

This summer, CCA would like to challenge your family to make reading a priority. Multiple studies have shown how important it is for children to read over the summer, but did you realize that if they don’t read, they could lose up to a year’s growth? This means that a student who finished the year reading at grade level could be a full year behind when they start school again in August if they didn’t read at all over the summer. On the other hand, the student who finished the year below grade level could start the year at or even above grade level. 

To encourage our students to read over the summer, CCA will be having a “Summer Reading Challenge,” starting Monday, May 29 and ending Monday, August 14. To participate, all your student needs to do is read! 

First, track your child’s reading time.

There are several options to track your child’s summer reading: 

  1. Digital tracking: download any app that will track your child’s summer reading progress (here are some options:
  1. Traditional tracking: use a printed reading log or make a fun, colorful chart or tracking system – here are some creative ideas

Second, print and bring in, or submit electronically, a final summary of your child’s summer reading progress to your child’s teacher or to the office. 

We’ll check their total reading time through August 14, and award prizes (dollar amounts to be redeemed for Scholastic book orders), according to the attached chart, during the first week of school. 

Total reading times listed in the chart are based on reading five days a week for 12 weeks throughout the summer.