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The CCA Uniform Policy is included in the Parent Handbook, but you may also view it here. We DO have free new and gently used uniforms in various sizes available. Contact the office for information. (535-388-4478).

Parental Involvement at Calvary Christian Academy

As a support to, and extension of, the family unit, Calvary Christian Academy considers the family to be of first importance to a child.  God, through His Word, the Bible, indicates that the family is the most important human institution He designed, since He compares it to the relationship believers have with Christ and the Father. Therefore, at CCA we are continually seeking ways to actively involve the parents, siblings, and grandparents of our students in the programs of the school.

Attendance at school business meetings and fund raising events is also encouraged.  Meetings and events are listed on our school calendar.  Reminders are also included in school newsletters.

There are many opportunities for parents to serve as volunteers in the school.   A list of volunteer positions is sent to parents at the beginning of each school year.  Parents are requested to volunteer for at least one position.

Additional ways that you can be involved are shown below.  Please feel free to ask if you would like to try additional ideas.

  • Visit the school/class at any time.  (Simply call ahead out of courtesy to the teacher.)
  • Assist in the classroom, regularly or infrequently. (Again, arrangements should be made with the teacher concerned.)
  • Act as chaperone on field trips and/or library visits.
  • Become a room parent.
  • With permission and arrangements with the teacher, present your vocation to the class or invite them to your place of business.
  • Share your experiences, trips, vacations, as they may relate to a area of study in a class.
  • Volunteer your help in the preparations for the many tasks related to our various programs throughout the year.
  • Help with class parties in the classroom.
  • Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences that are conducted after the first and second semesters. Informal conferences may be held anytime at the parent's request.
  • Closely monitor and praise your child's progress by reading all teacher notes and student papers sent home! Return all papers requiring a parent signature quickly.
  • Invite a teacher, staff member, or board member home for dinner. 🙂