This policy seeks to ensure that school-sponsored programs meet the same standards for quality and content established in the educational programs at Calvary Christian Academy. It also seeks to ensure that the same standards for student conduct established at the school are maintained at all events sponsored by Calvary Christian Academy. Finally, this policy is designed to limit the liability assumed by Calvary Christian Academy for school-sponsored events.

School-sponsored events are 1) events which are organized by a CCA staff member acting in his official capacity as a teacher, administrator, etc. or 2) events approved by the secondary director and organized by the CCA Student Council or 3) events which are published on the CCA yearly calendar or 4) events which receive financial support from Calvary Christian Academy (including fund-raising opportunities provided through Calvary Christian Academy).

  1. School-sponsored events should be consistent with the goals of Calvary Christian Academy.
  2. School-sponsored events require the attendance of a staff member from Calvary Christian Academy.
  3. Attendance at school-sponsored activities is generally limited to students who are currently enrolled at Calvary Christian Academy. Exceptions may be granted by the director.
  4. Timely information about school-sponsored activities must be provided to the parents. All written communication must be submitted to the director prior to being sent to the parents.
  5. Parents must sign a written waiver releasing Calvary Christian Academy from any liability for all events taking place off campus. This statement should also authorize medical treatment to be given to the student in case of injury.
  6. Only school-sponsored events will be placed on the monthly school calendar.
  7. The director must approve all proposed activities, determine the number of chaperones required, and approve a date for the event.