Social networking (online via computer or phone) is a popular means of social interaction in today’s culture. CCA advises parents to use caution and to be diligent when deciding at what age and to what extent they allow their children to access these networks. There are significant risks associated with all forms of social media, so we assume you will be monitoring your own children’s use of it.

Students are NOT permitted to be online while at school, unless under direct, teacher supervision, and then ONLY for purposes related to a class. This includes the time before and after school and during breaks.

The Calvary Christian Academy administration is responsible to protect the school and to develop guidelines for the use of social networking by school employees, especially as it may pertain to students. We do not prohibit faculty and student interaction on social media since it can have many positive aspects. However, we have established guidelines for our staff regarding such interactions. These are outlined in the Staff Handbook and include the following:

  1. Employees are not to initiate friend requests to students.
  2. Employees are not to accept friend requests from students in grades below high school (i.e. grades K-8).
  3. Employees are not to initiate or facilitate any private or isolated types of communication with students that might be interpreted as unprofessional.

Again, parents are encouraged to maintain good communication with their children who regularly use social media.