A student enrolled in Calvary Christian Academy is expected to be present and on time to school every day school is in session.

Attendance records for students are kept by the individual classroom teachers and reported on the student’s report card each quarter.


  1. Full-day absence: a day in which a student is absent from school for 3½ hours or more
  2. Half-day absence: a day in which a student is absent from school between 2 and 3½ hours
  3. Tardies: any time a student is not present by the beginning of assembly.

Attendance Guidelines:

  1. A student may have up to 9 planned or unplanned absences during a semester. The family will be notified after the 3rd, 5th, and 7th absences. Absences after the 9th will only be excused by a doctor’s note or death in the in the family. All others will be unexcused. After the third unexcused absence, the student will be referred to the JPPO office for intervention. After the Fifth unexcused absence, the student will not receive credit for the semester. In the event that absences, excused or unexcused, exceeds 15 for the semester, the student may or may not receive credit for that semester, at the discretion of the director and board.
  2. Appeals for a waiver from this policy must be presented in writing to the director.
  3. Perfect attendance awards will only be given to students who have not missed any classes. They must be present all day, every day to qualify for this award.

Tardy Guidelines:

  1. Morning Assembly is treated like any other subject. Therefore, attendance procedures apply as they do for any class. Please be respectful, and have your child at school in time to participate in assembly.
  2. All tardies are reported on the quarterly report card.
  3. All unexcused tardies will result in a demerit.
  4. Excused tardies are at the discretion of the teacher and/or director and could include: car trouble, road conditions/ construction delays, family emergencies, etc.
  5. After three unexcused tardies, the student’s family will meet with the director to discuss intervention strategies.
  6. Five unexcused tardies will be counted as one unexcused absence.