1. All students attending Calvary Christian Academy must have on record with the school office, either a current immunization record or an exemption statement according to New Mexico Code, before entering school in the fall. Standard immunization record forms may be obtained from the family doctor and a copy given to the school office.
  2. Before the school will issue any medication to a student, we must receive written parental permission. In order to facilitate the general dispensing of non-prescription medicine (e.g. Tylenol & Tums), we have a form available for parents to grant a year’s general permission to the school to issue non-prescription medicines to their student(s). This form will be kept in the student’s file. No prescription medicines will be dispensed without written parental permission each time.
  3. Other forms necessary for student health records that can be obtained from the school office are:
    • Health History: Describes the basic health/illness history of each student.
    • Emergency Form: Lists the emergency contact names and phones numbers of people who may need notification in a medical emergency. Includes signed waiver in order to facilitate necessary surgical action.