General Philosophy

Calvary Christian Academy seeks to provide an extra-curricular activities program in order to supplement the academic program of CCA. Calvary Christian Academy recognizes that God has gifted students in a variety of ways, including abilities in athletics, drama, music, academic study, and in other areas. We seek to provide an opportunity for these students to develop and use their God-given ability.

We believe that participation in extra-curricular activities provides a good opportunity to encourage Christian students to mature in their faith and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that an extra-curricular activities program enhances the atmosphere of the CCA student body, providing students and parents with an opportunity to express positive school spirit.

We also recognize that extra-curricular activities provide an opportunity to make the programs established at Calvary Christian Academy known to the broader community of Silver City and Grant County.

Conformance to Calvary Christian Academy Philosophy

All extra-curricular activities must conform to established CCA philosophy and standards, excepting those activities under SWCAA Cooperative Programs wherein Calvary Christian Academy does not have unilateral authority (Calvary Christian Academy board policy 10.2).

Relationship to Academics

Extracurricular activities will not take priority over the academic program at Calvary Christian Academy (10.2.1).