I. Purpose

  1. Fostering positive work habits, personal responsibility, and respectful relationships in students
  2. Providing an avenue of communication among teachers and administrators regarding student performance and behavior
  3. Providing an avenue of communication with parents/guardians regarding student performance and behavior

II. Operation

  1. School staff may issue demerits (through the online grading system) to students for various infractions as determined and amended by the staff.
  2. On Fridays, a designated staff member will tally the demerits for the current week (Monday through Friday).
  3. Parents/guardians will be immediately notified if their child must serve detention during the following week.
  4. Detention will be served during lunch recesses totaling sixty minutes and will consist of helping to clean the cafeteria, etc.
  5. Accumulation of 3 demerits during the week or 10 demerits during the nine-weeks will require the student to serve detention.
  6. Upon completion of detention, students will begin each week with a clean slate.

III. Details

  1. Infractions and demerits Demerits are given beginning in first grade. All teachers and staff have the authority to give demerits to students.
    1. Tardiness (1) demerit
    2. Late assignment (1) demerit
    3. Not having the assigned school supplies at the beginning of class (1) demerit
    4. Failure to follow the dress code (1) demerit
    5. Handbook violations (such as gum, cell phone, etc.) (1) demerit
    6. Failure to follow directions (1) demerit
    7. Cheating/copying (3) demerits
    8. Lying (3) demerits
    9. Disobedience (3) demerits
    10. Blatant Disrespect (3) demerits

Three (3) detentions in a nine-week period will result in an in-school suspension.

IV. In-School Suspension Guidelines

  1. If a third in-school suspension is required, the student will be expelled.
  2. During the in-school suspension, students will be required to do the assigned school work for the day. All assignments must be turned in on time.