The following list of school rules are those essential policies that we require all our students to be aware of and adhere to.

  1. Students are expected to cooperate with basic Christian standards of behavior and conversation.
  2. There should be no talking back or arguing with teachers or staff. Prompt and cheerful obedience is expected. Requests from the teacher should not have to be repeated.
  3. No chewing gum, electrical music devices, electronic games, guns, or knives are allowed on the school grounds. If a cell phone is brought to school, it must be turned into the office when arriving at school and must remain off during school hours. Students are not allowed to take their phones into the classrooms, on field trips, or to community outreach activities. Phones may be picked up as students leave school. BEING CAUGHT WITH A PHONE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DETENTION.
  4. No medication is allowed on the school grounds. Students requiring acetaminophen or ibuprofen may see the secretary or school nurse if they require it during school hours. Cold or allergy medications may be brought and left with the secretary or school nurse with a note from the parent/guardian specifying dosages. Students should not take any prescription or over-the-counter medication without the knowledge of staff or administration.
  5. Students are expected to be aware of and avoid the off-limits areas of the building or grounds. Students are not allowed in classrooms without a teacher present. During recess, students need to remain within clear sight of a duty teacher.
  6. Students are expected to treat all of the school’s materials or facilities with respect and care. This includes all textbooks distributed to the students. (Students will be charged for lost or damaged textbooks).
  7. Be prepared and on time for class.
  8. Always tell the truth.
  9. No public displays of affection between students of the opposite sex. When boys and girls sit next to each other, there must be visible space between them. This applies at school (on school property) and all school-sponsored functions (regardless of location).
  10. Students are expected to work and play in a manner that is not hurtful to others and to be courteous to others at all times.