Faculty Requirements

Our requirements for faculty members are:

  • Faculty members must be committed Christians with membership in good standing in a local church that is in full agreement with CCA’s statement of faith.
  • Faculty members must pass a full background check.
  • Faculty members must themselves be in full agreement with the CCA Statement of Faith.
  • Faculty members must demonstrate the Christian maturity necessary to model godly behavior and attitudes for their students.  The qualifications for this maturity are best described in Scripture in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
  • Faculty members must exhibit support and commitment to the Classical and Christian methodology of education as demonstrated in part by their written application and responses to interview questions.
  • Faculty members must exhibit a lifelong love of learning as demonstrated by continuous study in various fields of interest.
  • Faculty members must be committed to professional growth including reading, coursework, and seminar attendance. Regular classical training is required through the duration of employment at CCA.
  • Faculty members must show evidence of a love for children.
  • Faculty members must show evidence of a God-given gift for teaching as demonstrated by an excellent track record of teaching children, supported by references from parents and supervisors.
  • Faculty members must exhibit professionalism in their speech, demeanor, preparation, punctuality, and dress.
  • Faculty members must exhibit enthusiasm as well as competence in being able to implement the curricula of CCA.